Configuring Apple Mail (OSX 10.6 - OSX 10.9)

Quick Overview...
To setup your WebMate mail account in Apple Mail, add the account using the details supplied in your email - filling the onscreen prompts. Remember to included the SMTP outgoing server settings and your full email address.

Detailed Instructions...

Step 1: Select Account
Go to 'Mail' (top left of your screen) then select 'Accounts'

Click the small '+' button on the bottom left of the accounts window.

Choose Add Other Account.
Step 2: Add Email Information
The first screen simply asks for your Full Name, the Email Address and your Email Password for that account. Fill these in and click Create.

Mail will then search for mail servers briefly before redirecting you to the Incoming Mail Server settings.

Apple Mail may say Account must be manually configured if it does, click Next.

info icon The details entered into the  ’Full name’ box will be used as the from details in any emails sent from this account in Apple Mail.
Step 3: Incoming Server Information
First choose your Account Type POP or IMAP.

info icon POP or IMAP ?
  We recommend using Account Type IMAP as this will sync across all of your devices, you'll be able to add this email account to as many devices as you like.
  If you know that you will only accessing this email account through this one computer you can choose POP.

The settings should be as below.
Mail Server
User Name Your Full Email address
Password Your Email Password
Once all details have been carefully entered, click Next.
Step 4: Outgoing server information
On this screen you will be presented with the following options, simply enter them as shown below.

SMTP Server
User name Your Full Email Address
Password Your Email Password

info icon Apple Mail may say that the username and password are optional, They are not optional!
The Username (full email address) & password must be filled in for the account to be able to send mail.

When you're done click Create.

Wait a moment for the account to be created then you'll be able to send and receive using your WebMate hosted email account.

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