Time Machine FAQ's

Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding the Time Machine functionality within WebMate.

What size should I make my WebMate TM volume?

When you select your files and excludes in Time Machine Preferences – it will calculate the space you need. It's Usually worth doubling this to ensure you have incremental backups.

If you need more space, you can easily upgrade the amount reserved for time machine from your available quota (and upgrade your quota if necessary).

Are my Time Machine backups encrypted?

You need to check the “encryption” box when you select your WebMate TM disk in System Preferences – this is very secure and your files can then not be intercepted without your unique password (make this 12 characters or more if possible).

What if I need to recover files?

Simply use time machine in the exact same way as you normally would, the Mac OS will connect to WebMate and decide where to restore from if you have more than 1 disk.

Can I use WebMate Time Machine to restore an entire disk?

Yes, if your mac breaks or you get a new one, you can restore from WebMate from the Mac Setup – simply put in the manual address of afp://username.webmate.me/backups/WebMate TMxx/ (where xx is the size of your volume, eg WebMate TM250 for a 250gig partition).

It may take a while, but it will restore perfectly.

Can I upload an existing sparsebundle?

Yes, you can upload an existing sparsebundle into the WebMate TM folder and resume.

On the first backup, Time Machine will verify this and may take several hours, but subsequent backups will be much quicker.

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