Publishing from iWeb 3

Quick Overview...

Enter the FTP details found within your Welcome email from us into the Site publishing settings in iWeb and click Publish.

Detailed instructions...
Step: #1 Set Publishing Type
Open your iWeb application and click on the Site name in the left-hand toolbar to access the Site Publishing Settings. By default, this is usually set as Publish to MobileMe.

Change this to FTP Server and enter your Site Name and contact email address in the boxes provided.

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For Site Name – you don’t need to enter your web address, just enter something generic like “site” or something recognisable if you have multiple sites.

Step: #2 Enter FTP Settings
Server Name:
Username: username
Password: This is your WebMate password.
Directory/Path: /websites/
Protocol: FTP 
Port: 21

IMPORTANT: Replace "username" with your username, for example "" or "charlie".

Once entered, confirm your connection is valid by clicking Test Connection.

If this fails, double-check the details entered and test again. If it fails again, you may have a problem with your hosting and should call or email a screenshot of your settings to

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In the Site URL field near the bottom – you can just put – it doesn’t make any difference, even if you have your own domain name – that needs to be added later.
Step: #3 Publish
Click Publish site in the bottom left of the screen. iWeb will now happily whir away, converting your hard-work into a computer-readable code and upload it to our server. Once it’s finished, open up your web-browser, type your URL into the address bar and relax!

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If you make changes to your site and they don’t appear to show in your browser, your browser is probably caching the old version. You just need to force a browser refresh to show your updated changes. (alt+reload)

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