Some broadband issues can be resolved by simply restarting your broadband router.

We’ve created this article to show you some of the basic steps to take before calling support with a broadband issue.
Broadband Troubleshooting

Once you’ve determined that your broadband connection is at fault you’ll need to track down the cause.
There’s a few possibilities that you should check first:

  • Ensure your phone line is working: pick up the handset and check for a dial tone. If there’s no dial tone (and the phone is plugged in) then try the phone on the master socket without anything else connected. If you still have no dial tone then call us or your line rental provider
  • Ensure your router is powered up and all plugged in correctly
  • Is the Internet light active? This mean your router has found your phone line and is connected to the exchange. There’s usually another light which is lit to show you are connected to the internet.
  • If you connect via WiFi, is your Mac connected to your WiFi network: check your WiFi Network menu in the top right of your screen is 'on' and that the correct WiFi network is ticked.
If it’s none of these, try the following:

1. Turn your router off and on again. Sometimes routers stop working for no apparent reason and just need to reboot. They are essentially little computers and sometimes crash.

2. Turn your router off for 20 mins. This resets the connection at the exchange. Sometimes the exchange still thinks you’re connected even when you are not. So when your router tries to reconnect it messes up.

3. Plug your router into the master phone socket. This eliminates any problems with your internal phone wiring (a bad or no filter on one extension etc). You should unplug all devices and just have your router and filter plugged into the master phone socket.

The “Master Phone Socket” is the first socket coming in to your house and should appear to be distinctly in two parts, with a split across the middle. You can unscrew one half of this to reveal the “Test Socket”. This socket is there to eliminate all of your internal wiring.

You should not open the second half of the Master Socket. It’s divided into two parts because the second part is BT’s side of your line and it is against the law to open or fiddle with the wires in there – it’s actually possible to blow everyone on your streets phone lines up! If that happens, BT are not going to be happy and WILL prosecute!

4.  Ring Support… If these steps fail then it would indicate a more serious problem which our support team should be able to you help with.
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