Change your password in Apple Mail

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If you have changed your email password from within webmail or support has done it for you and the email account is setup on the Apple Mail email client, you will need to update these changes in Apple Mail?

You will need to go to Mail / Preferences / Accounts and update the password in both the incoming and the outgoing settings.

Detailed Instructions...

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Step 1: Change password for incoming mail

Open Apple Mail.

Go to Mail (in the top menu, next to the Apple logo, top left) and choose Preferences from the menu.

Click Accounts from new window.

Select the email account that needs the password changing from the white panel on the left.

select the Account Information tab in the right panel.

Delete the old password and add the new one.


info icon The password also needs to be added in the incoming and the outgoing settings.


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Step 2: Find the outgoing server settings
To find the outgoing settings click the pull down menu in the bottom right where it says Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)

Choose Edit SMTP Server List from the menu

info icon The Edit SMTP Server List option should take you directly to the outgoing settings for the same account you are changing.
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Step 3: Change password for outgoing mail

In the new window click the Advanced tab (in the middle).

Delete the old password and add the new one.

Click OK, close the accounts window & Save if you are asked to.

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