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Quick Overview...

Go to Account Preferences in WebMate Control, Select Time Machine, click Enable then choose the amount of Disk space you would like to assign to the Time Machine back up.

Click Save and your TM partition is ready to use. When you mount your WebMate, you'll see another disk (for example WebMate TM100) which you can choose and select in Time Machine on your Mac.

Detailed Instructions...
Step: #1 Enable Time Machine in WebMate

Login to WebMate Control. Go to Account Preferences (bottom of of the window).

1. Choose Time Machine from the list.
2. Enable Time Machine.

3. Choose the amount of Disk space you would like to assign to the Time Machine backup.

Click Save.

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To help you decide how much you need you’ll need to know what you want to backup. If it’s just your user folder or just documents, simply Get Info on the folders add up space and triple it – this should give you a month of backups at least, possibly more.

Step: #2 Connect to Server
Use the  “Command+K”  method to connect to your WebMate Disk.
Hold down Command on the keyboard & press K to Connect To Server

In the Server Address text box, type in your username followed by e.g.

Click Connect.
Step: #3 Add user details to connect
If you are already connected you can skip to step 4.

In this window add your WebMate username and password.

Click Connect.
Step: #4 Launch WebMate's Time Machine Disk
Choose the Time Machine volume you created in WebMate Control e.g. WebMate TM100.

Click OK.

This will mount the WebMate Time Machine Disk on to your desktop.
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The number to the right of TM is the amount of space you chose to use for the Time Machine backup, e.g. TM100, TM250 etc. If you increase your space at any time, you will need to re-add the disk to your TM prefs as the name changes.
Step: #5 Setup Time Machine on your Mac
Click on the Apple on the top bar.

Choose System Preferences from the menu.

Select Time Machine icon.
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If you already have a local time machine backup (highly recommended), in OS 10.8 and above, you can add multiple disks, just click “Add or Remove backup disks” & select your WebMate TM Disk.
Step: #6 Time Machine: Options
Click Options in the Time Machine control panel.

Here you can decide what not to include in the Time Machine backup, the more items you add to the Exclude list, the smaller the backup will be.

To Exclude files from the Time Machine backup, click on to the plus symbol, this will open a window where you can select the files to exclude. To re-add an item to the Time Machine backup, select it in the Exclude list and click on to the minus symbol, this item will now be included in the backup.

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Start off small.
Step: #7 Time Machine: Select Backup Disk
Click Select Backup Disk in the Time Machine control panel.

Select WebMate TM from the list.

Click the Use Disk button.
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We recommend that you Encrypt your online backups! It’s slower for the initial backup, but you’ll not notice once it gets going.
Step: #8 Allow Time Machine to access WebMate
Add your login details once more for Time Machine & click Connect.

Step: #9 Time Machine setup complete
Time Machine is now turned on & it is using your WebMate Disk as a backup drive.

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It’s important to let the first backup complete – leave it overnight or over the weekend or something. If you do have to interrupt it, click the “X” to stop it gracefully. Otherwise, you will get errors like… “SparseBundle is already in use” .
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